Calumet Park

Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Where good living and good people live

We are a coordinated effort of diverse like minded individuals who have a vested interest in serving and improving the Calumet community.

While our main focus is on the physical transformation of our neighborhood, equal attention will focus on transforming the mind set of community members.

The development of neighborhood ownership mentality shall be an ongoing focus of all revitalization activates.


A Year in Review


Community Update

City Week Devin Dents Interview

Devin Dents, a LaGrange Youth Council member, joins Alton West on this segment of City Week discussing the “Fun Run” Fundraiser in honor of late community member Pat Underwood.

City Week Debron Walker Interview

Debron Walker, owner of The Eleanor Roosevelt School, joins Alton West on this segment of City Week discussing the exciting news of Pat's Garden.

Our Mission

" We want to revitalize and improve all aspects of the Calumet Park Neighborhood that fosters a sustainable high quality of life for all residents. "

Our Development

Phase I

Calumet Park

This is a beautiful safe space where families can interact and enjoy outdoor activities.

The newly revitalized park features:

  • A fun splash pad water system for kids, but can be enjoyed by adults

  • A walking track

  • An annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony

  • An annual community festival

  • Family reunions & church outings

Phase II

Street, Personal & Public Safety

Installation of:

  • Street lighting

  • Neighborhood sidewalks

  • Street signage

  • Speed control devices

Phase II (TBI)

Job Training

Partnering with local employment entities to create a Neighborhood Training Center. The center will be designed to equip community members with employment opportunities by developing their skills in technology and other viable skills that will make them work force ready.

Phase IV

Education & Parenting

This initiative prepares our Pre-K students for school and enhances the learning of our elementary school students.

Phase V

Housing Rehab & Development

The Georgia Conservancy Blueprint Programs for Successful Communities has provided numerous plans to aid in this focus.


" Welcome to Our Neighborhood "

In the 1930's and 40's the Calumet Mill Village was established to provide housing for the Calumet Mill Workers. The mill was owned and operated by the Callaway family. Initially, housing was built for mill workers in the McGhee Street, Gardner Street and Baugh Street areas.

The neighborhood was later expanded to include its current boundaries of Greenville Street (North), East Depot Street (South), Morgan Street (West) and Render Street (East).

In 2013 - The Calumet Village Neighborhood Association, Inc. (CVNA) was formally organized. In 2017 the name was changed to The Calumet Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.

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